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Climate Change - Is The World Still To Save

2011-10-23 - 529 - Carl Friis-Hansen

German TV is currently ramping up the campaign for "green" ideology. They have propaganda programs on VOX, ProSieben, Kabel Eins, Einsfestival and 3sat, to mention a few. Many of the programs are years old, some of them from BBC, others from National Geographic. Common for them all, they serve only the "green" religious believe system and are riddled with pseudo science and right-out lies. One of the typical lies is that polar bears are about to die out due to global warming. The CO2 is visualized as smoke particles and water vapor from big "bad" chimneys, our use of fossil fuels is the sole source of "excessive" CO2, which in turn will increase global temperature by 6 degrees before the end of this century. Wind turbines and solar panels is the only solution to keep the world from heating up more than 2 degrees Celsius. The developing countries are innocent, etc., etc...

One dominant program at the moment is: "Der Klimawandel - Ist die Welt noch zu retten?" from Spiegel TV. On http://www.spiegel.de/flash/flash-21549.html you can get an impression (in particular if you are familiar with the German language). Spielgel TV takes for granted that we change the climate dramatically: "What can we humans do to reverse our self inflicted climate change?" No questions asked, the science is settled: The oceans will rise with at least one meter, the melting on North and South Pole is intensifying and glaciers all over the world is melting an an ever alarming rate.


My guess is that the German media is gearing up to defend a misguided and unscientific approach to the energy policy. One should think that a nation with one of the world's most developed industry, would want to protect this high standard by keeping competitive. But how will they keep competitive with self inflicted skyrocketing energy prices, and how can they on one side claim we have to minimize production of CO2 and on the other side close down nuclear power plants, substituting them with coal fired plants combined with wind turbines. They seem do defend a "greening" of Germany by repeating their "green" propaganda again and again.

Occasionally a propaganda program will interview a skeptic, but only to present him as ridiculous, and always with the moderator finishing with a fatherly, mature "green" viewpoint. In this way we are all made clear that skeptics are a few wishful conservative old fools, who does not care about environment and our blue planet. It is sickening, distasteful and horrifying that German TV channels present the climate change, which nobody denies is taking place, in such a simplistic and propagandistic way. Next thing will be the tree-day weather forecast is to be defined by the government in order to adjust the commodity prices on the stock exchange.


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