Man-made Global Warming is about Monetary Global War, government power and facism - not climate!
Menneskeskabt Global Klimaændring handler om Monetær Global Krig, regeringsmagt og fascisme - ikke klima!

The game is up for climate change believers

2014-04-09 07:37:47   -   Charles Moore, The Telegraph, 2014-04-06

Most of us pay some attention to the weather forecast. If it says it will rain in your area tomorrow, it probably will. But if it says the same for a month, let alone a year, later, it is much less likely to be right. There are too many imponderables.

The theory of global warming is a gigantic weather forecast for a century or more. However interesting the scientific inquiries involved, therefore, it can have almost no value as a prediction. Yet it is as a prediction that global warming (or, as we are now ordered to call it in the face of a stubbornly parky 21st century, “global weirding”) has captured the political and bureaucratic elites. All the action plans, taxes, green levies, protocols and carbon-emitting flights to massive summit meetings, after all, are not because of what its supporters call “The Science”. Proper science studies what is – which is, in principle, knowable – and is consequently very cautious about the future – which isn’t. No, they are the result of a belief that something big and bad is going to hit us one of these days.   ...full article...

Lord Momckton challenges His Royal Highness, Prince Charles to debate claims about apocalypticism

2014-02-07 15:35:25   -   Lord Christopher Monckton

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales,
Clarence House, London.

Candlemas, 2014

Your Royal Highness’ recent remarks describing those who have scientific and economic reason to question the Establishment opinion on climatic apocalypse in uncomplimentary and unroyal terms as “headless chickens” mark the end of our constitutional monarchy and a return to the direct involvement of the Royal Family, in the Person of our future king, no less, in the cut and thrust of partisan politics.

Now that Your Royal Highness has offered Your Person as fair game in the shootout of politics, I am at last free to offer two options. I need no longer hold back, as so many have held back, as Your Royal Highness’ interventions in politics have become more frequent and less acceptable in their manner as well as in their matter.

Option 1. Your Royal Highness will renounce the Throne forthwith and for aye. Those remarks were rankly party-political and were calculated to offend those who still believe, as Your Royal Highness plainly does not, that the United Kingdom should be and remain a free country, where any subject of Her Majesty may study science and economics, may draw his conclusions from his research and may publish the results, however uncongenial the results may be.

The line has been crossed. No one who has intervened thus intemperately in politics may legitimately occupy the Throne. Your Royal Highness’ arrogant and derogatory dismissiveness towards the near-50 percent of your subjects who no longer follow the New Religion is tantamount to premature abdication. Goodnight, sweet prince. No more “Your Royal Highness.”

Hi, there, Chazza! You are a commoner now, just like most of Her Majesty’s subjects. You will find us a cheerfully undeferential lot. Most of us don’t live in palaces, and none of us goes everywhere with his own personalized set of monogrammed white leather lavatory seat covers.

The United Kingdom Independence Party, which until recently I had the honor to represent in Scotland, considers - on the best scientific and economic evidence - that the profiteers of doom are unjustifiably enriching themselves at our expense.

For instance, even the unspeakable Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has accepted advice from me and my fellow expert reviewers that reliance upon ill-constructed and defective computer models to predict climate was a mistake. Between the pre-final and final drafts of the “Fifth Assessment Report,” published late last year, the Panel ditched the models and substituted its own “expert assessment” that in the next 30 years the rate of warming will be half what the models predict.

In fact, the dithering old fossils in white lab coats with leaky Biros sticking out of the front pocket now think the rate of warming over the next 30 years could be less than in the past 30 years, notwithstanding an undiminished increase in the atmospheric concentration of plant food. Next time you talk to the plants, ask them whether they would like more CO2 in the air they breathe. Their answer will be Yes.

The learned journals of economics are near-unanimous in saying it is 10-100 times costlier to mitigate global warming today than to adapt to its supposedly adverse consequences the day after tomorrow.

Besides, in the realm that might have been yours there has been no change none at all in mean surface temperature for 25 full years. So if you are tempted to blame last year’s cold winter (which killed 31,000 before their time) or this year’s floods (partly caused by the Environment Agency’s mad policy of returning dozens of square miles of the Somerset Levels to the sea) on global warming, don’t.

You got your science and economics wrong. And you were rude as well. And you took sides in politics. Constitutionally, that’s a no no. Thronewise, mate, you’ve blown it.

On the other hand, we Brits are sport-mad. So here is option 2. I am going to give you a sporting second chance, Charlie, baby.

You see, squire, you are no longer above politics. You’ve toppled off your gilded perch and now you’re in it up to your once-regal neck. So, to get you used to the idea of debating on equal terms with your fellow countrymen, I’m going to give you a once-in-a-reign opportunity to win back your Throne in a debate about the climate. The motion: “Global warming is a global crisis.” You say it is. I say it isn’t.

We’ll hold the debate at the Cambridge Union, for Cambridge is your alma mater and mine. You get to pick two supporting speakers and so do I. We can use PowerPoint graphs. The Grand Debate will be televised internationally over two commercial hours. We let the world vote by phone, before and after the debate. If the vote swings your way, you keep your Throne. Otherwise, see you down the pub.

Cheers, mate!

Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

Over 190,000 signed petition against Goldman Sachs buying 19pct of DONG

2014-01-30 07:25:14   -

An estimated 2,500 demonstrators braved the cold and snow yesterday evening was protesting against the pending partial sale of state-owned energy provider DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) to US investment firm Goldman Sachs.

Parliament's Finance Committee is set to vote on the controversial deal today. If it pass, Goldman Sachs will take a 19 percent stake in DONG at a cost of eight billion kroner or USD 1,500,000,000.

READ MORE: Goldman Sachs wasn't highest DONG bidder

An online petition against the Goldman Sachs deal has reached over 190,000 signatures. The sale is expected to pass, but all eyes politically will be on Socialistisk Folkeparti. The party is meeting tonight about the DONG deal and some within the party are calling to leave the coalition government.

One of the political parties, Dansk Folkeparti, is too "anti Muslim" and is therefore banned from speaking to protesters against DONG 19% sale to Goldman Sachs.

Skal Dansk Olie og Naturgas Overtages Af Goldman Sachs?

2014-01-28 00:25:13   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

Ikke alene har politikerne sørget for dyre EL priser og dyrere brændstof; men vil nu også sørge for at vi ikke længere kommer til at bestemmeover vores egen energipolitik, ved at sælge DONG til Goldman Sachs. Adgang til billig, stabil og rigelig energi er alt afgørende for den danske velfærd.

Du kan måske hindre dette og få politikerne til at handle i folkets interesse, ved at deltage i demonstration tirsdag den 28. januar kl. 16:30 på Rådhuspladsen i København. Fra Rådhuspladsen vil det gå i fakkeltog til Christiansborg Slotsplads. Tag gerne en fakkel med.

Se yderligere om demonstrationen på Schiller Institutets hjemmeside.

Akademik Shokalskiy Trapped In ICE Due To Global Warming or Climate Change

2013-12-31 12:02:01   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

Chris Turney has been been confronted with the irony that they are trapped in so much ice when we have global global warming (except for the last 15 years). One of his explanations are: “There's a misconception here – we are not trapped in new ice that's been created because its cold,” said Turney. “This is very old, thick ice that's been re-mobilised. It was attached to another part of the continent and has broken out and, with the south-easterly winds we've had, has pushed it up against the coast … and pinned us in. The event is likely to be a result of long-term climate change that is happening in this part of the world. When the 120 km-long iceberg, B09B, came through the area a few years ago it knocked the tongue off the nearby Mertz glacier, which itself is 120 km long. The iceberg grounded on the sea bed in Commonwealth Bay causing the sea around it to lock up with ice attached to the continent."

His explanation is probably fine and plausible, but it does not really answer the contradiction in any way. The more ice that is pressed out to sea, is normally due to a combination of the ice sheet on on land thickening and liquid under the ice. The good Chris Turney cannot escape the fact that the sea ice extend is about to break an all time record and that the coldest temperature ever measured on the surface of this planet, was in Antarctica 2013.

What puzzle me is haw they could be trapped in the ice in the first place. Is this a result of ignoring satellite images and other actual measurements, as so common for the "green" movement? Did the captain object to the route? These and many more questions may very well come up when the evacuation bill is to be paid and the possible loss of the Russian operated vessel Akademik Shokalskiy.

Akademik Shokalskiy was build in Finland in 1982 for the purpose of oceanographic research and owned by the Russian Federation's Far Eastern Hydrometeorological Research Institute in Vladivostok. It has 7 sister ships. The tonnage is 1764 gross register tons and is capable of speed up to 14 knots powered by two 1147 HP diesel engines and fuel capacity of 408 tons.

Antarktis - Kinesisk Isbryder Assisterende Ekspeditionsfartøj Sidder Begge Fast I Havis

2013-12-29 08:01:24   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

Sidste opdatering 2014-01-03

Krydstogtskibet Akademik Shokalskiy, som skulle vise resultatet af Global Opvarmning for skatteborgernes penge, har nu siddet fast i 3 meter tyk havis siden mandag den 23. december. Flere isbrydere er på vej til at hjælpe; men den nærmeste isbryder, den kinesiske Xue Long eller Snedrage, sidder nu også fast 6 sømil fra Akademik Shokalskiy og 1500 sømil syd for Hobart. En fransk isbryder, som er 14 sømil fra den kinesiske, er også på vej; men ifølge officererne på den kinesiske isbryder, er der lille sandsynlighed for at den kan nå fem.

Akademik Shokalskiy
Arkivfoto - Der er 48 passagerer og 20 besætningmedlemmer ombord på Akademik Shokalskiy.

Til trods for at det er forår på den sydlige halvkugle, så er det de sidste år blevet koldere på Antarktis og dette kombineret med en pludselig koldfront, har medført usædvanlig tyk is langt fra fastlandet. Akademik Shokalskiy regner med at den forventede hjemkomst til New Zeeland den 4. januar, vil blive overholdt ifølge ekspeditions lederen Chris Turney.

Chris Turney har grundlagt et firma til løsning af kultveilte i atmosfæren og laver en hel masse grønne biprodukter. Formålet med krydstogtet er at vise virkningen af den globale opvarmning. Til trods for at denne ekspedition hovedsagelig har til formål at lave PR for Chris Turney's grønne firma, så er dette krydstogt finansieret af skatteborgerne. Nu kommer så dertil udgifter til assistance fra flere isbrydere.

Russia Today
The Guardian

For opdateringer:   ...full article...

Vinden vender i Tyskland - FAZ siger klima-akademikerne ikke fik narret deres vej forbi demokrati

2013-12-02 00:24:14   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

En af de mest indflydelsesrige aviser Frankfurter Allgeimeine Zeitung, FAZ, kritiserer lederen af klima forskningsinstituttet i Potsdam, Professor Schellnhuber, meget kraftigt. Se den engelske udgave af artiklen.

I det hele taget er pipen ved at få en anden lyd i det meste af Europa og 132 lande sagde farvel og tobak til de mislykkede forhandlinger i Warszawa, da de ikke umiddelbart fik de milliarder de havde forventet fra de rige lande. Polen fyrede miljøministeren, da de ikke vil være med til det øvrige Europas økonomiske selvmordstendenser.

Langsomt ser det ud til at selv de store aviser begynder at se sandheden i øjnene - at vi ikke har haft nogen statisk betydningsfuld opvarmning de sidste 15 år eller mere - isbjørnetallet er steget fra 5.000 i 50'ne til 32.000 i 2012 - den stødt stigende CO2 synes ikke at have påvirket klimaet, men har været med til at øge væksten af afgrøder betydeligt - den globale ismængde er tilbage til hvad den var for 30 år siden - havene stiger stadig ikke mere end nogle få millimeter om året - og den alvorlige orkan i Filippinerne var trods alt kun den syvende kraftigste på dette sted. Det at FAZ har modet til at skrive en kritisk artikel, der gå imod generel politik, er virkelig et lyspunkt. Lad os se hvornår der bliver gjort repressalier imod de involverede parter i klima manipulationen.

WWF Misleading RussiaToday Suggesting Polar Bears In Steady Decline

2013-11-22 23:06:55   -   Carl Friis-ansen

In an article November 21st 2013 on titled "Russian sperm bank for bears: Surrogate grizzly to carry polar cubs" , the argument for the experiment is "...the polar bear population has been declining dramatically year by year...". WWF is fairly correct though in stating that the world wide population is around 25,000. However, in reality the population world wide has steadily increased from around 5,000 in the 1950's to between 22,600 and 32,000 today.   ...full article...

Objective Of The Climate Hysteria - The Great Transformation

2013-11-16 00:20:50   -

Das Ziel der Klimahysterie - Die große Transformation

This is part 11/11 in a series on German TV, which is now available on Youtube. Duration is 1h 18m and mainly in German. It explains some of the origins of the climate hysteria and what the objectives are, objectives that is also expressed in the UN IPCC Agenda 21.
Thanks to Dr. Fred Goldberg for pointing this video out.

  ...full article...

Bat Killing Fine 3,000,000,000 Pound For Wind Park Owners

2013-11-15 22:10:09   -   Carl Friis-Hansen,

bat Just read that there were 600,000 bats killed by wind turbines last year. Somehow wind park owners has succeeded in exemption from persecution for this criminal act.

In fact, bats are protected and the penalty is very severe with up to 5,000 Pound fine per incident or bat, up to six months in prison, and forfeiture of items used to commit the offense, e.g. vehicles, plants or machinery.
Data according to: Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981) (as amended); the Countryside and Rights of Way Act, 2000; the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act (NERC, 2006); and by the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations (2010).

So if my calculations are right, wind park owners should face fines of 3,000,000,000 Pound, have their wind turbines secured against any future danger to the bats or be ordered to decommission the wind turbines, and finally the owners should be sent to jail.   ...full article...

COP19 - Rusland og Europa vil ikke være med til klimaaftale i Warszava

2013-11-14 09:41:06   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

Rusland og mange af de tidligere Sovjetunion lande er sjokkerede over at FN ignorerer enhver form for demokrati og benytter "consensus" i stedet, formodentlig et af de mest absurde ord i forbindelse med Global Opvarmning. Europe vil heller ikke være med til nogen traktat, men har derimod skrevet under på en deklaration, der går ud på at klimapolitikken skal revideres.

Fakta bør ikke komme i vejen for god propaganda, som for eksempel denne journalist under en debat på CNN: Climate Change advocate tells Piers Morgan it’s ‘journalistic malpractice’ to include ‘skeptics’ in the discussion.

Dr. Roy Spencer forsøger at forklare ot den meget omtalte 97% enighed blandt ekspertenerne er meget misvisende. Ja, der 97%, hvis ikke snarere 100%, enighed om at klimaet er blevetvarmere, ikke mindst siden den Lille Istid. Der er derimod kun 0.3% enighed blandt eksperterne om at den globale opvarmning hovedsagelig skyldes mennesket.

CFACT stævner over 50.000 polakker mod klimaaftale

2013-11-12 22:22:55   -

Da mere end 50.000 begejstrede polakker samledes i downtown Warszawa mandag for at fejre National Independence Day, med millioner flere der kigger med på live tv, blev CFACT præsident David Rothbard inviteret på scenen for at levere en lidenskabelig adresserende frihed og advarsel mod FNs farlige og undertrykkende klima dagsordenen.
  ...full article...

Scientists Blast Obama’s Global Warming Myth: You’re Basing Politics on Faulty Computer Models Rather than Science

2013-11-10 10:30:45   -   Suzanne Hamner, freedomoutpost 2013-11-02

Obama's Global Warming Folly On Friday, Obama signed an executive order that instructs federal agencies to work with state and local governments to boost preparations for the impact of global warming. Obama's war on coal has threatened one sixth of America's electrical output by placing 150 coal-burning power plants on the chopping block – all due to global warming. Citing global warming has already having an effect on communities and public health across the nation, Obama directed infrastructure projects to take into consideration future climate conditions which naturally could result in a higher price tag for new projects or repairs to already existing structures. However, new scientific evidence has surfaced that "the solar activity is decreasing at the fastest rate as anytime in the last 10,000 years."

Environmentalist Lawrence Solomon wrote in the Financial Post, "Now an increasing number of scientists are swinging back to the thinking of the 1960s and 1970s. The global cooling hypothesis may have been right after all, they say Earth may be entering a new Little Ice Age."
  ...full article...

Pebble Bed Modular Reactor Uranium while we wait for Thorium

2013-11-07 20:14:42   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

There is much talk about wind mills, solar electric panels, carbon dioxide, and a global body to control us and our energy. President Obama is going to Warsaw in Poland for a more less secret meeting with the UN, bypassing the democratic process, in order to set up a global binding treaty to control the climate, de-industrialize the planet and to reduce world population to about one tenth of what we are today - a la Agenda 21.

So while the greens are making the world a lot less green and sending us way below the living standards of the Dark Ages, let us look at a brighter and much more promising solution to energy, economy and prosperity. In my view, the basis for prosperity and a better world is cheap, clean and plentiful energy. Energy is what made it possible to raise from the Dark Ages and slavery. The venture pretty much started in Great Britain and soon spread all over the now industrialized parts of the world.

Energy has always played the major part of human development, from the fist wood fueled fires to cook your meal and to the electric stoves we use today. This leads us to talk about electricity. I prefer to see electricity, in this context, as a transport of energy. We should strive to use a fuel that can produce lots of energy per volume, also called high energy flux density. Wind is probably having the lowest energy flux density known to man and nuclear the highest. Following is an example of this, seen from an area use point of view.

To power 6 million homes:
Wind 250,000 acres
Solar 130,000 acres
Nuclear 430 acres

There are many more reasons why nuclear is the way to go for production of electricity and hydrogen, but the concern is generally the safety issue. Fukushima is still in the news and exaggerated grossly a few days ago by Dr. Suzuki, just as he always do with the climate issue. However, this plant was 40 years old and of the Boiling Water Reactor, BWR, type. Nowadays Pressurized two circuit systems are used. The immediate future is much safer, avoiding using words like full proof, with the newest type developed in South Africa and tested in Germany: The Pebble Bed Modular Reactor, PBMR, using uranium or thorium.

The PBMR type power plant does not use water, but helium. It is safe in the sense that you can pull the plug, so to say, and it will naturally cool down without causing any damage. There are similar safe designs like the Molted Salt Reactor, MSR, or the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, LFTR, which were deigned back in the 1970's, but never fully developed for economic, military and political reasons.

There is no doubt in my mind that we need to go scientifically and rationally about the fundamental issue of energy production, let the scientists do their job and stop scaremongering people to the point of insanity. This goes for the climate too. The last 15 years has shown no global warming, except in the computer models and Dr. Hansen's doctored data. We may very well go into a prolonged cooling period starting in 2015, with or without more CO2 in the air. So instead of spending trillions of dollar on the non issue of the climate, we could better the world by spending just a fraction of these sums on real environmental issues, and to develop and build many more modern and safe nuclear power plants.

Video Lord Monckton shows IPCC Pachauri is dishonest about global warming after being corrected

2013-10-23 09:15:08   -

In this 15 min clip, Lord Monckton gives Pachauri a serious showdown on the legendary Global Warming graph, which was supposed to visualize bogus accelerating rate of warming, using inadmissible artwork on the graph.   ...full article...

In The Name Of Science, The UN IPCC And All It Stands For Must Be Destroyed

2013-10-03 09:57:31   -   Piers Corbyn, ICECAP, WeatherAction

Piers Corbyn
"This report and the build-up to it is a carefully choreographed self-referencing political game by Climate Change parasites which contains nothing of substance and is constructed to conceal the facts:

ALL THE DIRE PREDICTIONS of the CO2 warmists since 2000 have failed.

THE “ADMISSION” of ‘a pause in warming’ over the last 15 years is itself a cover-up for the fact that ONLY THEIR FRAUDULENT DATA shows any ‘warming’ at all in the period.

THEIR CLAIM that this pause was “something we (CO2 warmists) expected” is a brazen lie. They expected ‘runaway warming’.

THEIR STATEMENT that the world has warmed over the last 30 years or so is merely an expression of the natural solar-lunar 60yr cycle of temperatures (and Pacific circulation) explained by WeatherAction in 2008 and nothing to do with CO2.

THEIR CLAIM that alleged CO2 warming due to a small rise in the atmospheric concentration (0.04%) of the trace gas, CO2, is somehow hidden in the deep ocean is scientific cretinism beyond reason, fact or observation. [Oceans have warmed about 0.06°C the last 60 years, very alarming]

THE CO2 “theory” has no predictive powers in weather or climate and while all it’s dire warnings have failed and it’s supposed scientific basis has been shown to be lacking the prognoses of the EVIDENCE-BASED Solar-Lunar science of WeatherAction and others over the last 7 years have been vindicated.

“IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE THE UN IPCC and all it stands for must be destroyed.”

Full PDF can be found here.

Time To Jail The Climate Scamsters

2013-09-27 09:14:59   -   Lord Christopher Monckton, WorldNetDaily

Sydney, Australia – It’s official. What I was howled down and banned for telling the recent U.N. climate conference in Doha is true. There has been no global warming for 17 years.

Rajendra Pachauri, the railroad engineer who heads the U.N.’s accident-prone climate panel, the IPCC, recently admitted this fact here in Australia.

The Hadley/CRU temperature record shows no warming for 18 or 19 years. RSS satellites show none for 23 years. Not one computer model predicted that.

Pachauri said the zero trend would have to persist for 30-40 years before it mattered. Scientists disagree. In 2008 the modelers wrote that more than 14 years without global warming would indicate a “discrepancy” between their predictions and reality. By their own criterion, they have grossly, persistently, profitably exaggerated manmade warming.

The 17-year flatline gives Australia’s $180,000-a-year, part-time climate kommissar, Tim Flannery, a problem. In January he crowed that extreme weather like Sydney’s recent heatwave had been predicted for decades.

Skeptics, he wailed, continued to ignore the thousands of hot-weather records tumbling worldwide. Yet without statistically significant warming for nigh on two decades, recent extreme weather cannot be blamed on global warming.

Warming that was predicted yesterday but has not happened for up to 23 years until today cannot have caused yesterday’s “droughts and flooding rains,” now, can it?

Flannery relentlessly gives only one side of the story when it is his duty to give both. He is carefully silent about the thousands of cold-weather records that have also tumbled in recent years – more than 650 this week in the U.S. alone.

The Northern Hemisphere is enduring one of its coldest winters in 100 years. Before the usual suspects try to blame that too on global warming, the IPCC says – unsurprisingly – that warmer weather means less snow.

Sea-ice extent in the Arctic has reached a record high for this time of year, despite a record low last summer. In the Antarctic, sea ice has been increasing for 33 years.

There will be further extreme weather in the coming decades. It will not matter whether the world warms or cools. Extreme weather is not the new normal. It is the old normal – but the new slogan.

The best-kept secret in climate science is that extreme weather, or “tipping points,” will be no likelier if the planet warms than if it cools. For the climate behaves as a chaotic object. What mathematicians call “bifurcations” can occur at any time.   ...full article...

Obama og Allierede Beder FN om at Dækker over mangel på Global Opvarmning

2013-09-25 09:39:57   -   Carl Friis-Hansen, Alex Newman

Alex Newman skriver på ICECAP: Da FN forbereder sig på at frigive sin seneste rapport om "klimaændringer" lækkede dokumenter for nylig, af Associated Press, viser at Obama-administrationen og andre regeringer presser FN Mellemstatslige Panel for Klima (IPCC) til at dække over det faktum, at "global opvarmning" i al væsentlighed er ophørt de sidste 16 år. De eksplosive åbenbaringer, allerede beskrevet som "ClimateGate II" i pressen, kommer midt i et koordineret forsøg på at genoplive det svigtede forsøg på at vedtage et internationalt carbon regime i de kommende år.   ...full article...

UK Aviser Ved At Se Vi Snarere Går Imod Global Afkølingsperiode End Opvarming

2013-09-08 20:59:33   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

Tag for eksempel et par nye overskrifter så som: "Global warming? No, actually we’re cooling, claim scientists A cold Arctic summer has led to a record increase in the ice cap, leading experts to predict a period of global cooling" fra Daily Telegraph eller "Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year with top scientists warning of global COOLING" fra Daily Mail. Selv for australierne kommer bøtten til at vende, efter valget af den nye statsminister, som siger - letter omskrevet - at klimaændring er noget vrøvl og han vil se at få Australien ud af den misære den tidligere regering har forvoldt i deres blinde tro på Al Gore og andre charlataner.   ...full article...

David Young Almanak siger det bliver en meget kold vinter i USA

2013-08-27 07:50:33   -   Carl Friis-Hansen

For 197 år siden grundlage David Young en formel, der benytter solpletter, månebevægelse og planet stillinger, til at forudsige vejret. Statistisk set siges det at denne almanak er 80% korrekt. Sidste år var den forskudt et par dage. Det er formodentlig lidt den samme teknik, som Piers Corbyn fra England benytter i vore dage med sin simple PC.

Tilbage til den amerikanske "Farmers' Almanac". Caleb Weatherbee, der er prognosticator for publikationen, siger at det skulle blive særdeles koldt i de nordøstlige egne af USA omkring det tidspunkt hvor Super Bowl bliver spillet på MetLife Stadium i Meadowlands i New Jersey. Koldere vinter end normalt for to tredjedele af landet og kraftig snefald for Nidwest, Great Lakes og New England.

Reference: CBS News.

12 Fakta Om Global Klimaændring Du Ikke Læser I Den Populære Presse

Et par forord fra Carl Friis-Hansen

Når Joseph D'Aleo taler om, at forskellige drivhusgasser varmer eller opvarmer, så er det væsentligt at understrege, at der er tale om energioverførsel med en lille tvist. Hvis spektrummet af bølgelængder fra Solen var uforandret, når dens energi reflekteres tilbage fra Jorden, så ville drivhusgasserne medføre en reduktion af opvarmning af Jorden. Imidlertid bliver noget af Solens energi ændret fra kortbølget energi til langbølget energi. Da nogle atmosfæriske gasser isolerer bedre for langbølget energi end for kortbølget, så kalder vi disse for drivhusgasser. Drivhusgasserne vil, på grund af denne ændring fra kort til langbølget energi, have tendens til at isolere bedre for den udgående energi end den indgående energi. Disse faktorer er velkendte inden for atmosfærisk fysik, men på grund af den enorme kompleksitet af hele biosfæren, er der ingen der med sikkerhed kan sige, hvordan den samlede effekt er. Observationer kan dog hjælpe til en bedre forståelse.
  1. Temperaturer er gået ned siden 2002, selv medens kultveilte er fortsat stigende.
  2. Kultveilte er en sporegas og vil i sig selv ikke producere megen varme. Iøvrigt, efterhånden som CO2 øger, falder den stigende varmeforøgelse, idet effekten er logaritmisk, så jo mere CO2, desto mindre opvarmning producerer den.
  3. CO2 har været totalt uden relation til temperatur i det sidste årti og betydelig negativ siden 2002.
  4. CO2 er ikke en forurener, men en naturligt forekommende gas. Tilsammen med klorofyl og sollys, er det en essentiel ingrediens i fotosyntese og er således en planteføde.
  5. Rekonstruktion af global CO2 koncentrationer over geologisk tid demonstrerer at kultveilte koncentrationen i dag er nær den laveste siden Cambria tiden for omkring 550 millioner år siden, da der var næsten 20 gange så meget Co2 i atmosfæren, som der er idag, uden at dette forårsagede en "løbsk drivhuseffekt".
  6. Temperaturændringer kommer før, ikke efter, CO2 ændringer ved alle tidsperioder. Havene kan spille en hovedrolle, udsendende kultveilte når de er varme, ligesom en sodavan mister brusen, når den varmer og absorberer CO2 når de køler.
  7. Den meste varme i klimamodellerne stammer fra antagelsen at vanddamp og nedbør stiger, efterhånden som temperaturen går op, en stærk positiv tilbagekobling (medkobling). Vanddamp er en langt mere betydningsfuld drivhusgas end CO2. Imidlertid er denne antagelse blevet modbevist gennem observationer og peerreviewed forskning. I realiteten reagerer vanddamp og nedbør med negativ tilbagekobling (modkobling) og reducerer således enhver beskeden drivhuseffekt fra kultveilte.
  8. Drivhusmodellerne viser at opvarmningen skulle være størst omkring midterste til øvre lag i atmosfæren i de tropiske egne. Men vejrballoner og satellit observationer viser køling her. Drivhus signaturen eller DNA svarer ikke til virkeligheden og drivhusmodellerne vil derfor vise overdreven opvarmning - CO2 ville således i en reel retssag blive frikendt fra enhver rolle i global opvarmning.
  1. Solen har både direkte og indirekte effekt på vores klima. Solaktivitet skifter over en periode på 11 år eller længere. Når solen er mere aktiv er den lysere og en smule varmere. Mere væsentlig er dog dens indirekte effekt. Ultraviolet stråling øger meget mere end det synlige lys og forårsager øget ozon produktion, hvilket genererer varme i den øvre atmosfæren, hvorefter varmen bevæger sig nedad mod jorden for sluttelig at påvirke vejret. Derudover, en aktiv sol spreder kosmisk stråling, som spiller en betydelig rolle i formeringen af lavthængende skyer, resulterende i færre skyer. På alle disse måder varmes planeten mere når Solen er aktiv. En aktiv Sol i 1930'erne og igen i slutningen af sidste århundrede hjalp med til at producere de observerede varmeperioder. Den nuværende solperiode er den længste i over 100 år, et umiskendeligt tegn på en køligere sol, som ifølge historiske data vil forblive sådan i årtier.
  2. Multidacadal (mange årtier) perioder i havene falder vældig godt sammen med solperioder og globale temperaturer. Disse perioder på 60 til 70 år følger naturlige variationer i de omfangsrige havstrømme. Varme have falder sammen med varme globale temperaturer. Stillehavet startede en afkøling i slutningen af 90'erne og denne køling accelererede i 2009 og Atlanterhavet har kølet siden sit maksimum i 2004. Dette støtter den observerede globale land temperatur køling, som følger meget nært med varmeindholdet i havene. De nyligt udsatte N.O.A.A. bøjer bekræfter at havene køler.
  3. Varmere havperioder er perioder med formindsket Arktisk isdække. Når havene var varme i 1920'erne til 1950'erne så mindskedes Arktisk is og Grønland varmede. Den seneste hav opvarmning, specielt i 1980'erne til tidlig 2000'er, er tilsvarende til hvad der fandt sted for 70 år siden og den Arktiske is har reageret på stort set samme måde, med mindre sommer is.
  4. Antarktisk is er øget og mængden af is var sidste år den største i satellit overvågningens historie. Vi går imod en ny rekord i år.
Hvad skal der til for at medierne giver slip på deres påvirkning og begynder at gøre deres job, at rapportere sandheden?

Joseph D'Aleo (Hoveddirektør for Icecap).
Oversat af Karl J. Hansen,